Heart Graffiti

David listening powers are palpable. As you place what is the matter before him, he is bringing an incisiveness to bear which at the right moment, he uses to pull out an insight so apt and often startling that has the effect of enabling you to see your issues in new, fresh and really helpful ways.

L.H (Edinburgh)


David has been key for us to deal with a complex situation. He is a great professional. The way he conducted the sessions was very useful and make us feel comfortable in a constructive and safe environment. We have no words to express our gratitude.

V & J (Scotland)


David makes you feel safe from the very begining and don't know how, you find yourself pouring your soul quickly. He knows how to build trust with his clients and in his sessions you feel very supported, then you become a team and as he always says, "let's work together". I really appreciate his fantastic sense of humor and how he makes you to put everything into perspective.

L.M (Spain)